5' x 10' (50 sq. ft.) 
Like a small walk-in closet.  Suitable for furniture, files, bikes, inventory or materials. 

10' x 10' (100 sq. ft.) 
Like an average bedroom.  Suitable for a small apartment, an office suite, or 200 file boxes. 

8' x 20' (160 sq. ft.) 
Like a one-car garage.  Suitable for the furnishings and appliances of a two-bedroom house. 

10' x 25' (250 sq. ft.) 
Can hold 5 to 6 rooms of furniture, 3 to 4-bedroom home, commercial storage, automobile or trailer.

10' x 30' Parking (300 sq. ft.)
Car, truck, RV, boat

30’ x 25’ (750 sq. ft)
Store your automobile, home furnishings, and small trailer all in one storage unit. 

• 24-hour access available
• Up to 20 free miles with truck renal (see manager for details)
• Month-to-month contracts
• Deliveries accepted
• Discounts for prepay customers and long term rentals
• No deposits 
• Moving and packing supplies
• Free use of dollies and moving equipment
• Boxes and locks for sale
• 18-wheeler accessible
• Monthly Treatment for Insect and rodent control

Affordable, clean and safe .We work hard to make your work easy. Call us today!

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